Education is the process of acquiring knowledge, beliefs, morals, values, and habits. Education is a light showing people the right way to go. It frees the mind, unlocks your creativity, and gives you a sense of self-respect. It is the key to success and opens a world of possibilities to contribute to a functional and progressive society. Education benefits everyone and should be accessible to all.

The term Quality Education provides students with the capability to become economically active, contribute to a democratic and peaceful society, build sustainable livelihoods, and improve individuals’ well-being. Quality Education is the fourth Sustainable Development Goals SDGs to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education to promote lifelong learning opportunities for all.

Quality education offers individuals, families, and societies the support they need to succeed. It helps schools connect and interact with their communities and access various resources across sectors designed to support the student’s educational growth. Three key pillars to promote quality education:

  • Providing quality teachers
  • Ensuring the use of quality learning equipment and professional development
  • Creating secure and conductive quality learning environments.

The SDGs portray a global consensus that quality education is a human right and for the public good that is important to health and the world’s future. Ours is, however, a world of significant challenges, with millions of students unsettled and unschooled due to violence and governments failing worldwide in meeting their financing commitments to education, especially with their poorest citizens. Education advocates are responsible for promoting policies that incorporate schools, communities, and nations into a system that encourages students’ development, ensuring that students are supported, healthy, protected, committed, and challenged.

As the economy has been, virtually every part of life has been cut down. People have been forced to make sacrifices to get through from work to their daily expenses. Several organizations and corporations have reduced their flood level. With these cutbacks, education institutions became a focus of concern. On one hand, some colleges have reduced the number of courses and staffs employed to cover the lack of funds. On the other hand, others have raised their tuition to maintain quality education. Here at Igowithigho, we advocate for the UN SDGs as our podcast informs you on the journey and victories of international students and enables you to benefit from their experiences to build a better society. Also, providing you Scholarship information on some of the best institutions around the world helps break the barrier of the expensive cost of learning. We must ensure the quality of education is such which serves every child developmentally. An inclusive, standardized education that realizes each child’s potential irrespective of their location or economic status. Don’t allow words to alter their importance – everybody needs a quality education because education is power.

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