Benefits Of Being On The A-Team

You would almost not find a college student or any student at all who does not want good grades. It is the dream for most to be top of their class. It is not uncommon to see students up and […]


Life Hacks for Affordable Living as a Student Abroad

College can be described with several words: exciting, informative, thrilling, enlightening, and educative. College is tedious enough with the many assignments, tests, essays, and exams. An accurate description of the nitty-gritty of college will not be complete without mentioning the […]


Covid-19 and how to be safe?

A pandemic is an outbreak of disease that spreads through countries or continents. It affects more people and takes several lives than perhaps an epidemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) pronounced COVID-19 to be a pandemic as it became clear […]


Important guide when applying to study abroad

Often, international students are not fully prepared when seeking admission to the United States and other countries around the world. It is particularly important to avoid this common mistake by planning your journey well ahead of the time you intend […]


Coming to America!

Do you have a dream to continue your education in the United States? We are here to for you. You will find valuable information about studying in the U.S. The United States of America prides itself as home to the world’s […]