This statement is very tragic, but also very true, “Most people will never achieve their goals in the long-term”. There is a line between those who live their dreams in the long term and those who do not. It’s not always about who is smarter. It is more about who is willing to stick with the process no matter what till they see results. The commitment, the perseverance, the will to not give up, the seal, the die-hard mentality. This is what makes success in the long term.
The GRIT acronym was coined by Angela Duckworth in a bid to understand why some end up happier and achieve their long-term ambitions over time, and why most others do not. Her theory links achieving success in the long-term with two fundamentals: Passion and Perseverance. Now, the GRIT acronym translates to Growth, Resilience, Intensity, and Tenacity. “How exactly does this apply to me you may ask?”

One of the hardest things to do is staying committed to the growth process. Now, we are no not speaking in the short term. We’re talking about slugging it through the long-term. Of course, in most cases, there is no real evidence of growth at the onset. The process is slow and can be painstaking. It’s not easy earning a degree. The countless hours spent studying, the late nights and early mornings, the impromptu tests, and the long, grilling exams. The growth process is a drill. Its objective is depth, for you to not only grow taller but get rooted deeper. The evident results of growth can only manifest if you stick to the process every single day. Get up and show up. Mediocrity will never bring long-term growth, consistency will.

Resilience refers to how toughened up you are to slug it through the long-term growth process. How toughened up are you mentally and emotionally to keep pushing against strong winds? Lots of students drop out of school because in their own words, “They simply cannot cope”. Now, not every dropout is going to emerge a huge success story like Gates or Zuckerberg. In many cases, it just doesn’t work out that way. Now, this doesn’t exactly mean that school is the only path to success. But hey, it gives you a better fighting chance in the long-term amidst all the competition. The price is steep, it doesn’t come cheap. However, beyond a staunch commitment to growth, you need to be deeply resilient. How toughened up are you to keep pushing till you win? Beyond the degree, how hardcore have you become to ensure that nothing will ever be enough to keep you back from achieving your goals?

Look within, how passionate are you about your goals, about bagging that degree? There are two significant characteristics of people who are deeply impassioned about achieving their goals, and these two words are embedded in the GRIT acronym: Intensity and Tenacity – two strikingly powerful words. Be courageous in running with your vision. Tell you what, there’ll always be scarecrows and pitfalls. It is necessary to keep your eyes on the prize. Pursue your goals intensely and tenaciously. The Spanish would say, “Con Espiritu” – with spirit. Whatever you do, education or otherwise, keep the fire burning in your spirit. Keep your passion for achieving your long-term goals alive.
These four ingredients make up the recipe for achieving long-term success in college and beyond: a deep-seated desire for growth, resilience, intensity, and tenacity. These make the broth complete.
The question you need to ask yourself is: Do I have GRIT?

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