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Season 5 Episode 04: Navigating the U.S. Work Experience – CPT vs. OPT for International Students

Music: Glass Beads by ⁠Blue Dot Sessions⁠. The primary distinction between Curricular Practical Training (CPT) and Optional Practical Training (OPT) lies in their timing, purpose, and eligibility requirements for international students studying in the United States. Both programs aim to provide international students with practical experience in their respective fields while studying in the United States.

Season 4: Episode 02: with Obi Bruno.

 Hi everybody. Welcome to a new episode in the igowithIGHO podcast. This is season four episode two, and I have a very special guest, a good friend, a good brother, Obi Bruno. Obi, welcome to the igowithIGHO Podcast. How are […]