You would almost not find a college student or any student at all who does not want good grades. It is the dream for most to be top of their class. It is not uncommon to see students up and about all semester with books and studies, trying to rake in extra credits when they can, forming discussion groups, and actively doing assignments – all to keep their grades up.

So many things can be said about achieving good grades in college. Essentially everyone in the academic strata has an opinion on how they think good grades can be achieved in school. The truth is, there is no one clear path to achieving the end goal. While some may recommend studying a lot, others would recommend paying attention to and attending all classes. We are all different people with different learning abilities. It is not exactly ideal to assume that a certain learning mechanism that has produced results for one person will do the same for the next.

There’ll always be that student or group of students that most others desire to be like, possibly because they are charismatic, excellent at sports, high-flying in academics, or maybe for some other reason. These are the ‘top dawgs’ or the ‘cool kids’ as most might prefer to call them, or as we’d rather call them, “The A-Team.”. It is important to realize that no matter what front excellence is achieved, some work must have been put in to see it through, no matter how little or how much.

Success in college stretches past the horizon of academics and cuts across other aspects such as sports or varying extra-curricular activities. While there isn’t an exactly defined blueprint to achieving success in college, one sure thing is that regardless of the methods applied, you’ll always need to do a little bit more to get ahead of others. The A-Team is more than a status symbol, it is a continued commitment to diligence, dedication, and excellence. It is a strong will within you to always be better than you were yesterday or the day before. It is a continuous aspiration to excellence, competing with none other than yourself – setting new records and breaking them all for the sake of self-improvement.

The A list is never for wishful thinkers. It is exclusively for persons who stay committed to the grind of excellence every single day. You need to wake up every day think differently, act differently, and be different. You have to put in conscious effort to find the strong pointer that differentiates you from the crowd and follow it with all zest and passion. The spotlight can be for everyone, but most may never get the chance to stand in it.

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