Season 5: Episode 01: 2024 – Embracing Resilience and Empowerment

Hi everyone Welcome back  to the igowithigho podcast, the number 1 podcast in study abroad  where inspiration meets action! I want to start by saying Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024! But specially I would like to say Welcome To all our listeners who have always been with us, and welcome to all our new listeners. I am deeply grateful for the vast number of new listeners we have each week and I want to thank you all for joining me on this journey.

I really hope that the i go with Igho podcast is serving you and is trying to help you get to the next level in your life. I am deeply grateful that you have taken the time to be here with me every time we drop a new episode. Thank you for your reviews and comments, whenever I read them, I am deeply humbled and touched by them, so please keep them coming.

Today’s episode is a compass guiding you through the uncharted territories of 2024. It’s time to awaken your potential, foster resilience, and harness the power within you to conquer this year. So let’s dive in and embark on a journey of self-discovery and empowerment.

Embracing Change and Resilience

Embracing change and resilience is a crucial part of personal and professional growth. Change is a constant in life and being able to adapt to it, is essential for success. Resilience is the ability to bounce back from setbacks and challenges, which is a valuable skill to have.

Raise your hands right now if  you had setbacks in 2023, I am guessing that almost every person listening right now has their hands up, whether you are cooking, taking a walk with your dog, having your alone time as long as you are not driving, please do not raise your hands while driving 😂😂 , everyone else raise your hand and we all have raised our hands, it shows that we are all humans and that’s completely ok to have experienced set backs the question then is what did you learn because what can truly help you is that spirit of BOUNCEBACKABILITY as described in the game of soccer. 

One of the keys to embracing change is to be open to new experiences and ideas. This is only possible  by staying curious, seeking out different perspectives, and actively seeking opportunities for growth. Another important aspect of embracing change is to have a positive attitude and mindset. This means looking for the silver lining in every situation, and seeing challenges as opportunities for growth. Resilience, on the other hand, is about being able to cope with adversity and bounce back from setbacks. It involves developing a strong sense of self-confidence and self-belief, and being able to take action in the face of difficulties.

Brené Brown one of my favorite author said  in her Ted talk, “ The power of vulnerability” that Change is hard because it requires unlearning, and unlearning is not just an intellectual endeavor. It’s a vulnerable transformation. Resilience is about being able to hold multiple truths at the same time. It’s about being able to say, ‘This is really hard, and I’m going to make it through.'” That’s the power that each one of us has within us.

Unleashing Your Potential

    Unleashing your potential is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. It’s about understanding your unique strengths and abilities, and using them to pursue your passions and reach your full potential. The first step is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. This can be done through self-reflection, feedback from others, or by taking assessments like the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator. Once you have a clear understanding of your strengths and weaknesses, you can begin to set goals that align with your strengths.

    The next step is to create an action plan to achieve those goals. This includes identifying the steps you need to take, setting deadlines, and finding the resources and support you need. It’s also important to anticipate any roadblocks or obstacles that may arise and develop strategies to overcome them. Remember that, Within you lies immense potential waiting to be unlocked. Believe in your capabilities, talents, and unique gifts. Whether it’s pursuing a passion, learning a new skill, or stepping outside your comfort zone, dare to explore the depths of your potential. Let your aspirations fuel your journey towards greatness.

    Mindset Matters: Cultivating Positivity

    A positive mindset is a catalyst for success. Train your mind to see possibilities amidst adversity. Practice gratitude, visualize your goals, and affirm your strengths daily. Surround yourself with positivity—be it through inspiring books, uplifting conversations, or empowering communities.  Our mindset shapes the way we perceive the world and ourselves. A positive mindset allows us to view challenges as opportunities for growth, while a negative mindset can lead to pessimism and self-doubt. When we cultivate  a positive mindset we are on the right path  to achieving success in all aspects of our life.

    One of the key elements of a positive mindset is self-talk. How we talk to ourselves can have a profound impact on our mood and behavior. By focusing on positive affirmations and self-compassion, we can reduce stress and anxiety, boost our confidence and resilience, and achieve our goals.

    Also, practicing gratitude can also help us maintain a positive mindset. Taking the time to reflect on what we have and what we’re thankful for can help shift our perspective and increase our sense of happiness and well-being. The question then is what are you thankful for! Personally I am thankful for my life, all my achievements in 2023, becoming a U.S. citizen, joining the best military in the world but most importantly i am thankful for you. Never forget Your mindset shapes your reality.

    Turning Setbacks into Comebacks

    Setbacks and failures are inevitable in life, but how we respond to them can make all the difference. Instead of dwelling on the disappointment and frustration, we can use setbacks as opportunities for growth and resilience. The first step is to recognize and accept the setback. Denial or avoidance will only prolong the process of recovery. It’s important to acknowledge the disappointment and allow yourself to feel the emotions that come with it.

    Next, reflect on the setback. Take the time to analyze what went wrong, what you learned, and what you can do differently next time. This can be a valuable learning experience that can help you grow and improve in the future. We must refocus our energy and effort on our goals. Set new targets and create a plan to achieve them. Use the setback as motivation to work harder and be more determined than ever before. I always tell everyone around me, including myself that Setbacks are not roadblocks but detours leading to new opportunities. We must Learn from our setbacks, pivot when needed, and use failures as stepping stones to success. Embrace resilience, dust yourself off, and keep moving forward with unwavering determination. Your comeback story awaits.

    Empowering Through Connection

    In today’s fast-paced and technology-driven world, it is easy to feel disconnected and isolated. However, there is a strong need for people to connect with each other and to feel a sense of community. Empowering through connection means creating a supportive environment that fosters growth and development for individuals and communities. One way to do this is by fostering meaningful connections through mentorship and networking. Mentorship can provide guidance, support, and access to resources that can help individuals reach their full potential. Networking can help individuals expand their horizons and create new opportunities.

    Another way to empower through connection is by providing peer-to-peer support. This involves connecting individuals with similar experiences, challenges, or interests, which can help them feel supported and empowered. When people work together towards a common goal, they can create a sense of community and purpose, which can be empowering for all involved.

    Remember that Connection is a powerful force. So learn to Strengthen bonds with loved ones, seek mentorship, and build a network that fosters growth. Collaboration and shared experiences amplify our journey towards success. Together, we can achieve more.

    Championing Self-Care and Well-being

    Self-care and well-being are essential components of a healthy and fulfilling life. Self-care refers to the activities and practices we engage in to take care of ourselves physically, mentally, and emotionally. When last did you take that vacation or bought yourself a gift? Well-being encompasses our overall sense of happiness, contentment, and satisfaction with life. In a fast-paced world where we are constantly bombarded with stress and distractions, it is easy to neglect our own well-being. However, championing self-care and well-being means making a conscious effort to prioritize our health and happiness.

    This can include practices such as exercise, healthy eating, stress management, and mindfulness. Additionally, self-care can involve engaging in activities that bring us joy and fulfillment, such as hobbies, creative pursuits, or socializing with loved ones.

    It is important to remember that self-care and well-being are not one-size-fits-all. What works for one person may not work for another. It is important to listen to your our own bodies and minds and tailor your self-care routines to your individual needs. Your well-being is paramount. Your energy and vitality are essential for conquering your dreams.


    As we conclude this empowering episode, remember that 2024 is not just another year—it’s an opportunity to redefine your narrative, to embrace change, and to shine brightly amidst life’s challenges. Believe in yourself, celebrate your progress, and keep striving for the extraordinary. You are the author of your story, and 2024 is your canvas. Seize it boldly, paint it vibrantly, and make it a masterpiece. Here’s to a year of growth, empowerment, and endless possibilities.

    Thank you for joining me today! Be sure to subscribe for more empowering content. Please share what you’ve learnt from this episode. Remember, you’re capable of achieving greatness. Until next time, embrace every moment and live your best life!

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