I have always been aware of my calling into child advocacy and a way to prepare for this lifelong
responsibility is through my education. I came to the United States from Ghana as an exchange
student in Minnesota and my father encouraged me to stay for college and pursue my goals in
healthcare. It has been such a challenging but rewarding experience and thankfully, I recently
graduated with my master’s degree in health administration from the University of Missouri.
As someone who is passionate about the well-being of children, I continuously seek out ways to
improve their overall health outcomes. This prompted me to start my non-profit organization
called Yenma Foundation to promote children’s well-being through education, health, food
security, and developmental activities.

I also grew a passion for research which was further confirmed when I worked as a graduate
research assistant for Missouri Telehealth Network. This experience taught me about Telehealth
and how it can be used to increase access to healthcare. This motivated me to discover
innovative ways to increase access to healthcare, especially in the field of maternal and Child
health. I was fortunate to get admission to the University of Alabama to commence my doctoral
education in health services research. I am looking forward to using my education to establish
health services that improve the overall health outcomes of our children.

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